How to create an Account

To create an account, simply visit  https://www.merrybet.com/Odds/ and click on open account, fill in the required information (make sure you provide correct information as you will not be paid if information provided is false). A verification email will be sent to the email used in registering. Please click on the link provided in the email to activate your Merrybet account.


What does bad login mean?

If you try to log in and you get “bad login” as a response it means your account is not yet active or your username/password is incorrect. To activate your inactive account kindly visit your email and click on the link sent to your inbox. If your account is already active, you can click on “Forgot your username/password” to retrieve your Merrybet account details. A mail with directions will be sent to the email you used in registering.

How to credit your Merrybet account

Before you can place bets, there must be money in your Merrybet account. To deposit money into your Merrybet account, simply login to your Merrybet account and click on “Deposits”. You will be presented with different options you can use in depositing funds to your Merrybet account, click on your preferred option and follow the directions.


How to process a Payout/Withdrawal

Congratulations!!! You placed a stake and won the bet.

Your Merrybet account is automatically credited with your winnings once the result of a game is updated. To withdraw your winnings once your account is credited, simply click on “Payouts” and provide your bank information. The amount withdrawn is immediately deducted from your Merrybet account balance.

Your bank account is credited within 24 hours.



NOTE: you can only withdraw winnings from stakes not money deposited into your Merrybet account.

How to place bets

Login to your Merrybet account with your username and password. Select the game you would like to stake on from the various sports. You can click the “+” sign in front of the different sports to display the available options (different leagues, countries, competitions).

For example, if I wanted to stake on a Barcelona match in the Spanish La Liga: I would simply click on the “+” sign in front of Soccer, from the drop down list I would again click on the “+” sign in front of Spain, then click on Primera Division to see various matches in that League. The minimum amount you can stake is N50.



NOTE: Once a bet is accepted it can’t be reversed or cancelled.

What are the types of Bets I can place

So, you want to make money on football betting? Actually - if you're reading this then it's likely you want to bet on football.

These are the rudiments you need to know on how to make cool cash on football and other sports. There are basically two types of bets: Single and Accumulator.


A Single is a bet on one selection in one event. Your selection must be successful to get a return. For example: Elche vs. Barcelona, the odd for Elche to win is 10.50, if you place a bet for Elche to beat Barcelona with a stake of N1000, the amount you will win is N10,500. Should Elche draw or lose the match, you lose the bet.

To place the bet, click on the odd for Elche to win (10.50). The game is added to your betslip, type 1000 in the space for stake, the amount you will win (10,500) is automatically calculated. Click on next to place the bet.


Multiple Bets/Combination Bets/ Combo Bets

An “Accumulator” bet is one of the most common football bets made by punters. An accumulator is a single bet that links together two or more individual wagers and is dependent on all of the bets winning. The benefit of an accumulator bet is that there are much higher payoffs than placing each individual bet separately.

You can accumulate games from different sports, different leagues and the games can even be played on different dates.

For Example, if you want to accumulate 4 different games

Crystal Palace – Liverpool FC

Manchester United – Hull City

Sunderland AFC – West Bromwich Albion

Manchester City – Aston Villa


If you stake N1000 on Liverpool, Manchester United, Sunderland and Manchester to win and your bet wins, you get N3,833 in return. Should any of these teams lose, you lose the bet.

To accumulate simply click on the odds of the games you want added to your bet slip and they are automatically added. In the image above, the red boxes show the games that were selected by clicking on their odds for the markets wanted.

The image below shows the bet slip with the accumulated games.


Live Betting

Live betting involves placing a bet while an event is going on Live. Markets that be found on live football match includes: name of player to score first, total number of corner kicks, total number of goal kicks, total number of cards, duration of time that a goal will be scored, which team to score the next goal.

Example if Arsenal vs. Chelsea is being played live and the odd for total number of cards to be less than (<10), if you place a stake of 500 and after the match the total number of cards are less than 10 it means you have automatically won the bet, but if the total number of cards are more than 10 the bet is lost.

NOTE: the information provided on the LIVE betting pages concerning the score or status of an event is for indicative purposes only. We do not accept responsibility for the accuracy of this information and as such cannot be held responsible for any bets placed on the basis of this information.

While we will use our reasonable efforts to ensure that the information we display is as up-to-date as possible, any user of our LIVE services acknowledges that there is the potential for such information to be delayed, putting them at a disadvantage in relation to us or other customers who have access to more up-to-date information.

The customer is also advised that other media forms of communication on live events (such as websites, radio and television), may also contain a delay in relaying the real-time action and therefore again this could put the customer at a disadvantage as others (including us) may have access to the real-time information.

Virtual Betting

Virtual betting involves placing a bet with teams that are not real, these teams are computerized. The advantage of playing a virtual game is that you don’t need to wait for 90 minutes for the outcome of your bet. A virtual game lasts only three minutes and you are credited immediately if your bet wins.

Available Markets

The wonderful thing about sports betting is there are so many markets available to stake on (Market means game types).


For example, the match between Elche and Barcelona, you can see +57 displayed. This simply means for this particular fixture, there are additional 57 markets you can choose from. You can click on “+57” to display all the available options.

Where to get an explanation on the available Markets

Seeing as there are so many markets to choose from, to get direction as to what the different markets mean just click on the question mark (?) on your bet slip once you select a game. A new page is displayed with the definition of the different markets.


NOTE: All football betting is based on play in 'normal time' (extra time and penalty shoot-outs do not count) unless otherwise specifically stated.

Below are explanations of some popular markets.

Full Time Result (1 x 2)

This is a straightforward bet on which team is going to win the match (or whether it will finish in a draw). Teams playing at Home (always listed first) will normally be shorter odds favourites – unless the visiting Away team is very strong. Select 1 if you believe the home team will win, X for a draw and 2 for the away team to win.

Double Chance

This bet gives you two chances to win out of the three possible outcomes. You can either back a team to win AND the match to be a Draw (so you only lose if your pick loses). Or you can bet on either team to win (so you only lose if the match ends a Draw). Because you are covering more options, the odds are smaller than on Match Results.

1 or X - Your bet is a winner if the home team wins or draws.

1 or 2 - Your bet wins if the home team or the away team wins.

2 or X - Your bet wins if the away team wins or draws.

Draw No Bet (DNB)

This is a straight win/lose bet – with the bet voided if the match is a Draw. If the match ends in a draw, the customer account is credited with the amount staked in the case of a single bet. For an accumulator, the odd is converted to 1.0


You have to predict whether the total number of goals that will be scored in a match will be an odd or even number (a result of 0-0 result is considered even).


Handicaps can create a betting opportunity when it wouldn't otherwise exist – either making two teams more even, or getting better odds on short-priced favourites. You will see handicap bets applied to Goals, the team with a 'minus' handicap having to overcome their deficit in order to win the bet.

So, for example, if a top team were awarded a (minus 2) handicap against a lesser team – they would need to win the actual match by scoring at least 3 Goals to win the bet.

Half Time Result

You can also bet on the outcome of just the First Half of a match – as you would a Match Result.

Half Time/Full Time

This allows you to bet on the result at Half Time AND Full Time – twice as difficult as predicting the outright winner, but offering larger odds.

Betting on Corners

To some people, betting on Corners might sound risky. But in fact there are good grounds for saying that it's a safer option than many other football markets.

The following Corners bets are available with Merrybet

Total Corners

Under 7.5

Over 7.5

Under 9.5

Over 8.5

This is the most straightforward of the Corners Bets - simply whether the match will have more or less than 7,8, or 9 Corners in total.

First Half Corners

Under 5

Over 5

Exactly 5

This is the same bet as a Total Corners bet, but settled at Half Time (with the lower total of 5 Corners being the marker).

Corner Handicap

It is possible to bet on which team will win the most Corners – taking into account a plus or minus handicap. The size of the handicap is determined by the bookmakers and will change for every game.

The team with a 'minus' handicap having to overcome their deficit in order to win the bet.

So, for example, if a top team were awarded a (minus 2) handicap – they would need to win at least 3 Corners than their opponents to win the bet.

First/ Last Match Corner

You can also bet on which team will be awarded the First Corner, and the Last Corner in a match (these are two separate bets).

Betting on Bookings

In the same way that betting on Corners makes good sense, betting on Cards/Bookings Points can be a reliable money maker - because success often relies on the 'character' of a team, which often remains constant whether they win or lose.

Aggressive teams pick up lots of Bookings, regardless of form.

  • Yellow Card = 1 card
  • Red Card = 2 card

Number of cards in a match

Under 3.5

Over 3.5

First Card



No Cards

Like Corners and Goals, you can bet on which team will get the First Card (Yellow or Red).

Booking Match Bet – who will get the most Cards


You're betting on which team will get the most Cards/Bookings Point.

Betting on Goals

Betting on Goals allows you to win money without having to predict who will actually win the match. The number of Goals produced per match is a much more reliable - and profitable – strategy than predicting who will score them.

The following Goals bets are available with Merrybet

Total Goals

Under 2.5 Goals

Over 2.5 Goals

This is a straightforward bet on the match producing Under or Over 2.5 Goals in total during the game (both teams' totals added together).

Matches with 2 goals or less means an Under 2.5 bet wins. Matches with 3 goals or more means an Over 2.5 wins.

So scores of 0-0, 1-0, 1-1 = Under 2.5 Goals. Scores of 2-1, 2-2, 3-1, 3-2 and so on = Over 2.5 Goals.

Goals Brackets

0-1 Goals

2-3 Goals

4+ Goals

This asks you to be more specific with your Goal predictions, paying out at better odds.

Correct Score

Here you're betting on the actual score of the match. This offers very attractive odds, but can be very difficult to predict.

Half-Time Correct Score

The same bet as correct score, but predicting the Half Time Correct Score.

Half with Most Goals

First Half

Second Half


This bet gives you the chance to pick which Half will have the most Goals scored (Goals of both teams added together).

Clean Sheet

This bet is backing one team not to concede any goal.

To Win to Nil

You're betting on one team to win the match, and not concede a goal. For example: 1-0, 2-0, 3-0 etc…

First Team to Score

A straightforward bet on which team will score the first Goal in a match, with the option to cover No Goals.

Time of the First Goal

You can bet on what period of the match the First Goal will be scored (by either team).The most common ones are:

  • 0-10
  • 11-20
  • 21-30

Goalscorer Bets

You can bet on which player to score the first or last goal from either teams, names of players will be given and different odds attached to each of them.


You have to predict whether or not both teams will score at least one goal each. Extra time is not included. Example: if you select Goal (G), you win if both teams score at least one goal (result 1-1, 1-2, 2-2 etc.). If you select No Goal (NG), you win if one or both teams don't score (0-0, 0-1, 2-0, etc.).

Ante Post

It is also possible to place some football bets weeks, months and sometimes years in advance. For example when you bet on the premiership or world cup winner. Such bets are called 'ante post'-bets. The term 'ante post' comes from the world of horse racing. Making such an ante-post bet can be really successful when it becomes clear that the team backed is increasingly favoured to win.