You can topup your Merrybet account online by visiting or by using Quickteller on any nearby ATM.

All you need is your ATM card and your Merrybet customer ID number.

To get your customer ID number, login to your Merrybet account and check the top right corner below your username.

Then follow these instructions:

  1. Insert your ATM card into the machine and enter your pin

  2. Select “Quickteller” or “other wallets” (GTB)

  3. Select “paybills”

  4. Choose “others”

  5. Insert any of these codes for the amount you want to purchase

    • “50810” Weekly Remittance

    • “50811” Agent TopUp

    • “50812” Prepaid Shop Credit

    • "50813" For Admin Top Up
  6. Enter your “customer ID number” (use Quickteller ID for Agent Topup/Agent Shop ID for Weekly Remittance and Prepaid Shop Credit)

  7. Verify the name of the beneficiary and select “accept amount due”

  8. Enter your phone number to receive a confirmation text and select “proceed”. Your account will be credited immediately