Author Topic: Merrybet reoccurrent betslip error  (Read 3222 times)


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Merrybet reoccurrent betslip error
« on: May 04, 2019, 05:34:35 PM »
I want to use this medium to admit to admins of this forum affiliated to merrybet gold Ltd to look in to the glitches on the PC platform of the betting site
*.the lag experienced is unbearable.
*I made a bet today and saw different games other than the ones I selected,all tomorrow games with outrageous outcomes from leagues I never clicked.obviously I was bitter because I get logged out  every minute and the site reloads automatically thus I am appalled that the company will do nothing about it.... my loss
*I implore the company to confirm bets before final stake because it's important in the case of an error..other betting sites confirm first except merrybet....i have been a victim over and over
Today was really saddening for me..the time wasted only for tomorrow games with options I'd never play to wipe my slip and replace games I picked just when I clicked the bet option.
*Also,you smartphone/tablet platform is not encouraging to use and exhausting to navigate through,thus I use the PC platform which has its glitches as well
PLEASE,try to work on the bet option,bets should be confirmed first before final bet.


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Re: Merrybet reoccurrent betslip error
« Reply #1 on: May 06, 2019, 03:00:42 PM »
Dear Sir,

Kindly note that your complaints have been forwarded to the department in charge, it will be reviewed.