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Title: payout
Post by: 4egor on May 30, 2017, 06:03:11 PM
i made a payout of 5000 since 28_05_17,but it have not been credicted to my bank accountplease merrybet I need the money please.
Title: Re: payout
Post by: ufuomamerrybet on May 31, 2017, 10:00:40 AM
Dear 4egor,
Do be informed that the transaction failed and money was reversed to your Merrybet account 30/05/2017.
Title: Re: payout
Post by: 4egor on May 31, 2017, 06:33:19 PM
please merrybet how can I make the transaction,I need the money.
Title: Re: payout
Post by: julietmerrybet on June 01, 2017, 09:25:26 AM
Dear Sir,
 Kindly try  processing your payout again.
Title: Re: payout
Post by: kinzu on June 07, 2017, 11:01:38 AM
Dear Kinzu,

The yellow card for M. Asensio at minute 91 is not considered for settlements as it was not visible on TV or any other live sources during the coverage. This is why this card is not counted in the clearings. All settlements are made according to all available evidences shown during the coverage.

Best regards.

Gentlebreeze, I want to believe you are of high authority there and you have Opeoluwa Fashakinís contact. It will be good to let him know that his business is about to fall apart due to the careless way my complaint is being handled.

I was expecting an apology from your company because your unreliable data source got results incorrect but if this is the way you choose to play it, Iím totally cool with it.

Visible on TV my ass! If you know ĎMerrybet TVí wonít cover an event or there may be points in a match where there will be no footage for you guys, simply deactivate it to avoid issues like this.

 You are implying here that the match referee: Brych F., gave Asensio the yellow card in his house and there is no records of that in the TV footage, right? Well, thank God for the internet, we have evidence to debunk your excuse for your firmís unprofessionalism.
Check the links below for the full match as covered by BT Sport in Full HD (so you can see the bookings well). I have also included a link to the match statistics on Flashscore

While you are here waiting for my response, you may also want to check Twitter, FB, Instagram, Nairaland and all major forums in Nigeria for feedback on this.

Your customers need to know that you refuse to pay when a bet is won and go stake with more straight forward bookies.

You can check my previous stakes; ₦21,500 is not a problem to me. I have staked more, won more and lost more than that. I also do not bet with your shady company alone so by the time the case is done; trust me, the PR damages this shitty scam will do to your firm will be more than ₦21,500,000,000

For those of you reading this post wondering what is happening here, let me do a quick recap for you. I won a bet and Merrybet has refused to pay me! The ticket number is 144844107. My bet was that the exact number of cards will be 10 in the Juventus Vs. Real Madrid Champions League final played on 3/7/17. The match ended with 8 yellow cards and 1 red card.
    Yellow Card = 1 card
    Red Card = 2 card
That makes the result 10 cards. After the match, I checked my account on Merrybet hoping to payout but Merrybet marked the bet as lost. I quickly went to check flashscore, soccer24 and my other bookie ( where I made the same bet with bitcoins and the bet was won.

I immediately emailed when I saw the anomaly and waited 24hrs for them to correct it. 24hrs became 48hrs so I came here to complain. You can follow the rest of the show from my earlier posts.

I have attached screenshots and other evidences to this post. You can also chime in on Nairaland, Facebook and Twitter. Links will be posted shortly

PS Ė Expect correspondence from Lagos State Lotteries Board regarding this matter as Iíve escalated this issue to them after your failure to address the issue within 72 working hours. You may want to choose your words carefully from here on out